(Lindo Session with Jimmy Moore, Lindo Guitars, Bristol, 2014)

Welcome to my site, I’m Jimmy Moore. If you’d like, head straight to my Music





I’m a guitarist and musician, singer, songwriter, promoter, teacher an overall music lover!
Racking in experience of a few hundred shows including performances for hotels, weddings, festivals and house shows!
Not forgetting helping raise thousands upon thousands of pounds for charities local and national all over the south west. I strive to make an impact on people not only with music, but with character too. Kindness is infectious..

“Jimmy is a perfect example of shimmering, dexterous picking that goes beyond the usual ‘guy with a guitar’ expectations” – Dave Franklin, Swindon Advertiser 2014

“Billy Brag meets up with Newton Faulkner and Frank Turner to play poker with Andy McKee. Strong chords, Guitar tapping, Instrumentals and relatable lyrics. Jimmy Moore Is rising from the South West to make a big dent in the system.” – Calnefest 2013

I’ve had the pleasure of playing with so many great musicians at some great events and venues the past year!

-Beans on Toast
-Gaz Brookfield
-Pete Doherty
-Dave McPherson
-Talk In Code
-Alex Lowe
-Crazy Arm
-Josh Kumra
-Laid Blak
-Hip Route
+ loads more support

-Sunbeat Fest 2013
-Calnefest 2013, 2014
-Swindonfest 2013
-Watchfield Mini Fete 2013
-St Paul’s Carnival 2013
-Fieldview Festival 2013
-Boardmasters Music Festival 2013
-Festival On The Farm 2013, 2014
-Devizes Festival 2014
-Farleigh Road Festival 2014
-Riffstock 2014
-Pheonix Festival 2014
-Higworts Festival 2014
-Party In The City Festival 2014
-Music In The Park 2014
-Summerbreeze Festival 2014
-Watchet Music Festival 2014
+ more



Im always looking to write with other people and make something awesome so get in touch if you’d like!

Give us a like! www.Facebook.com/jimmymooreman

Follow me on twitter @jimmymooreman

Soundcloud me at Soundcloud.com/jimmymooreman

ReverbNation at Reverbnation.com/jimmymoore

for more videos check out Media..

I’ll constantly be trying to update this so keep checking up to see any new downloads or videos and Shows

2 responses to “Features

  1. Jimmy liked what I heard got an old head on young shoulders particularly liked the raw honesty of lyrics reminded me of an album called soul mining by the the from the early 80′s no thrills just good melodies and lyrics .
    Cheers Phil (scaff)

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